Judas Electric Chapel and Arrival Scene Set

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Judas Electric Chapel and Arrival Scene Set

Post by LadyGagaSims2Productions on Sat Jan 05, 2013 7:35 pm

Hey everyone..these are my sets from Judas Very Happy its me Benji Sims..if you'd like to see what the sets look like..watch my judas video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jphu4Ft6Us4 sorry for how it looks..it was my first full video Very Happy tell me what you think of the sets though Very Happy

Electric Chapel/Fire Fountain Scene
mediafire.com ?tad80cvu4v8cr9t

Arrival Scene
mediafire.com ?4cs8l3mfn1aw84j

Please give me feedback about the sets..tell me what you think of them Very Happy

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